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To maximize conversion, your website must adapt to your customers, not the other way around! As part of our relentless quest for delivering evermore services quality and value, we build your website on an advanced responsive framework.

This means that when screen size changes, elements will naturally flow underneath each other to give the best possible browsing experience by default However, the variety of devices and platforms may cause some design elements might not fit in a mobile context, and some functions of your website might not work as a result of specific mobile platforms limitations and intricacies.

This is where our mobile website design services can kick in to make your website optimized for mobile platforms (responsive or adaptive), and offer a compelling experience to end-users every time.


Wondering if your website is mobile friendly yet? Get the answer from Google here;

Responsive website build

ersponsive mobile website build

All websites built by WebDComp Media are natively 100% mobile responsive. We design and build elegantly coded and beautiful responsive websites on an intuitive and easy to use content management system.

This marriage of great design and proven technology results in a websites that work great across the multitudes of devices and screen sizes out in the world today.

Instant "triple play" mobile sites

triple play sites

Google now penalizes websites that are not mobile friendly, if that’s your case, your business is losing sales opportunities as a result. Don’t despair however, we have a solution.

They’re called "triple play" sites because these websites work harder for you.

1. It's a mobile website

Keep your existing site while adding a mobile version for the increasing amount of people using tablets and smartphones to access the Internet. It's a faster and inexpensive alternative to a complete existing site revamp. 

2. It's also a local website

This website can also be your local website as it is built to perform with Google mobile and local searches. An additional weapon in your marketing arsenal to acquire more local visitors and prospects.

3. And it can also be your blog

Triple play websites are also full-featured blog engine. We simply add a blog link from your existing site and voila, you have a new great looking vehicule for your content marketing strategy.



integrated services & options

  • Tap-to-call
  • Map
  • Business hours
  • Coupons
  • Multi-locations
  • Contact form
  • Social Networks
  • Review us on G+ and Yelp
  • Web Analytics


Option 1 

Call-tracking + immediate SMS
visitor response + SMS sales


Option 2 

Multi-location map


Option 3 

Restaurant menu


$199 setup    |     $28/month*


* pre-paid yearly 

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