WebDComp Media partners with SeoSamba, a leading marketing automation software that helps businesses attract more visitors, and convert more of them into customers.

SeoSamba's online marketing platform covers all crucial aspects of a successful long-term with a strong focus on delivering trackable results. This includes blogging, automated SEO, Social Media, Call tracking, Lead nurturing, Landing pages and Calls to Action.

WebDComp Marketing Platform


SeoSamba improves on many other online marketing software by focusing on the most cost-effective techniques and can let you manage any number of websites from a centralized, cloud-based interface.

The main benefits from SeoSamba are:

  • Unlimited design capabilities: customize your website's look & feel in any way you like, create and update content on the fly with easy-to-use open source CMS.

  • Built-in lead generation tools: downloads, quizz games, on-the-fly doc creation & more

  • Unlimited scaling: Build and deploy unlimited number of websites around the world, while centralizing SEO, social marketing and more from the cloud.

  • Integrated press release distribution: publish your news and blog articles instantly to thousands of journalists, bloggers and indutry-specific resources.

  • One-click social networking: post and schedule optimized messages to all your accounts for major social networks.
  • Measurable marketing effectiveness: track all your results with high-performance web analytics and SEO reports, create web forms on the fly, enjoy full ecommerce management and reporting, track and record phone leads online, and more.

  • Automated inbound marketing: use emails and cost effective SMS marketing to automate inbound marketing on and off your website.

  • Custom Referral & Affiliate programs: create your cutom referral & affiliate program complete with affiliate website build, affiliate sales tracking and automated referral marketing.

Email marketing automation


Now that you’ve got leads, turn them into customers.

Once you've covered all basis covered from SEO to B2B integration, lead tracking and social marketing, you are ready to move on to the next step to online success.

SeoSamba makes your sales leads acquisition budget work harder. Your prospects are kept informed with great looking communications, blogs, email marketing automation, and SMS without any intervention on your part, mechanically delivering more sales from every dollar you have spent generating leads.

SeoSamba also integrates its own email marketing automation nurturing system. You can send automated emails and SMS based on nature of the request, interaction history & more.  


Either way, by educating and reconnecting with prospects, you will help your sales staff save precious time.

salesforce automation

To improve conversion for your website rates, SeoSamba connects with your CRM database, where you can build email & SMS marketing campaigns from SalesForce lead & opportunities profiles.

 WebDComp Salesforce CRM integration

By integrating your website and your Salesforce database, you will steamline your marketing and processes, improve customer relationships and be able to use your sales data to create powerful interactions between your inhouse marketing staff, sales representatives and prospects.

content marketing


Be a content hero to your audience and search engines! Content is a vital element to the SEO process. Our cost-effective copywriting and content marketing services are provided by natives and formally trained journalists in 6 different languages.

SeoSamba's world-class newsroom facility allows you to optimize news automatically and distribute them to thousands of news outlets, journalists, online bloggers and major print media around the world.

This outstanding content & news facility includes:
  • One-step inline news creation & publishing
  • Wysiwig content & multimedia edition
  • Instant or scheduled press release distribution
  • Custom local & regional PR networks
  • Language-specific news distribution
  • Cross-channels news publication
  • Automatic RSS building and publishing
  • Pre-formatted cross-market industries lists
  • Industry-specific & specialized news channels
You can get additional help by selecting the following services 'a la carte':
  • Best practices coaching
  • Automated meta-tags & URL formatting
  • Automated webmaster API's interaction
  • Handpicked on-demand copywriters
  • Selected blog syndication services
  • Digital media licensing services

turnkey delivery


For any and all of our marketing services, we offer the fastest path to success by crafting a content conversion plan, along with all the appropriate content and visuals required to fuel your strategy.

Get your email marketing & sales nurturing automation system loaded, configured, and tested with WebDComp Media. 

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